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Treat yourself a snack box from japan! Welcome to TokyoTreat! Since the first day of operation,    TokyoTreat has been dedicated to creating joy, providing the top-quality products and the full-round service at the most reasonable prices! As a sincere thank you for being a loyal guest, we are now offering Tokyo Treat Coupon July 2020 for all your orders. TokyoTreat desires to spread the love of Japanese candy & Japanese soda to all over the world! To do so, we carefully craft and curate our Japanese subscription box (anime subscription box) to make sure that those who receive our Japanese box feel happier every time they treat themselves to a good snack! We want every bite to express the quality of Japanese snacks. Every snack you try will provide a new experience and widen your view of the Japanese snack world! So, get ready to discover Japanese snacks, Japanese treats through limited-time and seasonal snacks that will shock your senses!

A special snack experience at TokyoTreat

The exquisite presentation, unforgettable quality and affordable prices with Tokyo Treat Coupon of TokyoTreat quickly earned us the reputation as the premier snack box, available at the most discerning department and snack specialty stores. Today, TokyoTreat snack and boxes are available shipped directly from our website to the locations and arrival dates of your choosing with the Buy Now, Ship Later feature and the ability to easily ship to multiple addresses worldwide. Whether purchased as after-dinner snack, a delectable gift to share with friends, a celebration of one of life’s milestones, a delicate Christmas or holiday gift, or a corporate gift that is sure to stand out, TokyoTreat’s snack and snack boxes are going to blow your mind with both its ultimate taste and exquisite package! Don’t forget to check out our Tokyo Treat Coupons. We have prepared some surprises for you!

What’s in my box

  1. Popular Snacks

Want some house recommendation? We have got you covered! We search out only the best, most sought after popular Japanese snacks to put in your snack box! Prepare to find brands like Pocky and Kit Kat inside your box and use Tokyo Treat Discount Code to enjoy the great discounts!

Indulge in Japanese Kit Kat that are packed to brim with unique flavors!

Discover flavors that shock you sense with Japanese savory snacks!

Or treat yourself to all the limited edition fan-favorite Pocky!

You would always be shocked by the sheer amount of different Japanese snacks and candies we include in our popular snack boxes.

  1. Party Pack

Let’s power up your party with Tokyo Treat Coupon! Your Japan box has tons of seasonal and exclusive flavors that really put the party in these giant party packs! These packs come filled with tons of bite-sized Japanese snacks that are perfect for party and group events!

Popular Japanese snacks come in large size so that your party could keep going on and on and on…the fun never end

Fun and colorful Japanese snacks could be the life of the party! Our boxes full of some party pack-exclusive snacks are just going to spice up your party!

  1.  Anime Snacks

Are you a nerdy anime fan just like me? Have a blast with all the fun anime themed Japanese candy! We include popular characters that anime and game fans love! Check out some Japanese candy examples! Best Japanese snacks awaits you here!

Plenty of classic Japanese anime character snacks appear in you snack boxes. Tons of familiar faces: Doraemon, pokemon to one punch man and also Disney characters! Get your favorite anime character snack with Tokyo Treat Promo Code now! You could even start a collection of them!

  1.  Drinks

From world renowned seasonal flavor of popular soft drinks like Sakura Coke to blizzard and curious Japanese soda, from delicious jelly drink to tea with a twist, you could sip on these classic, unique, curious flavors that Japanese soda is famous for! Let us cool you down with Tokyo Treat Discount Code this season!

Get hyped for flavors like sakura, mystery, jelly, melon, and more!

  1.  Dagashi

Time for some traditional treats (vegan treats)! Made famous in Japan after World War II, dagashi is famous for its variety of flavor and easy to eat sizes! Munch on some of the many classic dagashi Japanese snacks that Japanese people love! Enjoy the bite with Tokyo Treat Discount Code!

  1. DIY Kits

Get creative! Follow instructions (or not!), create and play with your Japanese snacks, and enjoy these awesome DIY Japanese candy kits! Create your own box today with Tokyo Treat Coupon!

Many of the DIY Japanese kits feature popular character. You could also get tons of themed DIY kits every month in your snack box! We have also hilarious candy kits you could have a fun time and laugh with your friends! Or just experience and learn about our traditional Japanese snacks with traditional style DIY kits! Get the best Japanese candy the way you want it to be now!

We have got your craving covered with our Tokyo Treat Coupon

  1. Feel the value with every box!

Our boxes are filled to the brim with the latest Japanese candy, snacks, and drinks! You won’t see a box of just smaller snacks. You’ll be shocked at all the larger, full size snacks and drinks you squeeze in the box! And the Tokyo Treat Promo Code has come to add more tangible benefits to your orders and subscription!

  1. Quality & Quantity

Receive only the highest quality snacks!

We take pride in ensuring that our box has the highest quality snacks in large sizes, not just a bunch of dagashi. Check out our Tokyo Treat Coupon lists, and find the special offers for yourself! You’ll get party packs of treats like Japanese Kit Kats, Pocky, and more every month! Every box has the most sought after brands in sizes that you can share.

  1. Newest Flavors

Get only the trendiest snacks!

Expect to find only the newest flavors and textures in this Japanese food box. We work hard to ensure you can try all the trending foods before anyone else. For example, we have recently included Peach Cola, Coca-Cola Clear, and Banana Kit Kats

  1. Something For Everyone

No matter your preference, there is something for you!

Rather than a box full of just sweets, you’ll get a mix of sweet, savory, sour, and spicy! You’ll get anime snacks, healthy foods, party packs, and share packs. This box is the best to either share with others or keep for yourself

  1. Most competitive prices

Last but not least, we know you care about the price! Don’t worry! We have the most competitive prices in the industry with our Tokyo Treat Coupon! Tons of surprises every month as your box will power up! You’ll receive awesome rewards like JapanHaul Points, lifetime discounts, and even exclusive items. How awesome is that?! Subscribe now and start your journey of joy and flavor!

Subscribe today! Enjoy a monthly box full of Japanese candy and snacks delivered from Japan to your door. We’ve got your cravings covered!