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Enjoy Unlimited Car Washes at Just $24.99 per Month

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For as little as $24.99 per month, you can wash...More

For as little as $24.99 per month, you can wash your vehicle as many times as you like…any time of the week! There are absolutely no long term contracts or commitments! Less

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Welcome to Mr Wash! We know you’ve spent plenty of money on the purchase of your car or truck, now the question arises, “How do I take care of it?” Proper washing is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of auto care, and sadly improper washing damages and dulls your vehicle’s finish over time. You need auto detailing supplies from us! Family-owned and future-focused, Mr Wash is driven by a 60-year track record and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Constantly working to deliver an easy and effortless customer experience and an unparalleled pricing system with frequently-updated Mr Wash Coupons, Mr Wash is the go-to car wash for people on the go. Mr Wash is a proud member of local communities in the Washington, DC region, where we’ve been giving back to our neighbors for more than 60 years. Today, Mr Wash has seven locations across Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware, offering extensive exterior and interior cleaning services.

Why Mr Wash

Mr Wash’s top-of-the-line exterior and interior cleaning services, auto wash tech,  car wash equipment, products, and techniques maximize shine and protect your car from the elements. If you take a moment to look at a group of cars under direct sunlight, be it in a parking lot or at a car show, you will most likely notice that many of the cars have light scratches all over them. These microscopic scratches seem to radiate outward in a “cob-web” effect from a central light source like the reflection of the sun. Many of the swirl marks are the result of improper washing and drying techniques. They are caused when grit is abraded against the paint’s surface. There have been countless articles written on how to properly maintain a vehicle’s appearance and while most of the tips in this article certainly aren’t new, perhaps they may help you think about things in a different light. Mr Wash sets the standard for high-value, high-powered car cleaning in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Start fresh every day with our Unlimited Membership and finish ahead of the curve. And you could expect the most competitive prices in the car washing industry. We have pushed and upgraded a lot of mister car wash coupons to give you great discounts on our superior service!

Our service (sign up for special offers with our Mr Wash Coupon)

Vehicle enthusiasts range from those who wash or use a quick detailer on their vehicles daily, to those who love caring for their vehicle but only get the chance to wash them weekly or bi-weekly. Both categories of enthusiasts cringe at the very thought of taking their car or truck to car washes due to the potential damages and high cost! But here at Mr Wash, we are comprised of a group of professionals who maintain your vehicle’s clean appearance while giving you a completely worry-free car wash experience and at a most reasonable prices with Mr Wash Coupon July 2020!

Protective Lava Wax

Adds multi-dimensional shine and protects vehicles in harsh climates

Clear Coat Protectant

Prevents damage from UV rays, moisture, and oxidation

Tricolor Clear Coat

Amps up color and preserves paint

Undercarriage Wash

Rinses and strips hidden debris like harsh salt and chemicals

Wheel Cleaner

Eliminates residue and gives tires a sleek finish

Exterior Wipe Down

Leaves your car in mint condition

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Removes dust and build-up

Interior Vacuum

Rids car of crumbs and grime

Soft Cloth Exterior Wash

Polishes with precision (best car polish)

Proper tools for the perfect job –Car wash kit

Our professionals use the high-quality and useful Car wash kit to ensure that no potential damages or even a lightest scratch / “cob web” would happen to your cars! And you enjoy the tangible benefits at the prices by using the car wash coupons!

Car Wash Shampoo

Some of the factors that establish a great car wash shampoo are foaming ability, lubricity, pH balance, concentration, gentleness and gloss enhancing ability. High quality car wash shampoos will clean a car’s surface, enhance the gloss and leave the car wax, paint protectant or paint sealant intact. At Mr Wash all wash shampoos are tested and of the highest quality.

Car Wash Mitts

Wash mitts can be made of long or short nap microfiber, sponge material or sheepskin that can be either synthetic or genuine. We use only the most suitable materials that suit your car the best! Our mitt’s long microfiber fingers lather your delicate paint in suds while gently removing grime, road pitch, and dirt. This comfortable, durable wash mitt is suitable for washing even the most delicate paints.

Drying your Vehicle

Two of the most popular options for drying your vehicle are waffle weave microfiber towels or an air blower.

Microfiber waffle weave drying towels we use are very soft, safe and effective. The waffle weave fibers act like little pockets and absorb tons of water and when used properly are extremely gentle on your vehicle’s delicate surfaces. It generally takes only two towels to dry vehicle to ensure a spot and streak free finish. The first towel picks up the majority of water and the second towel picks up any residual moisture ensuring a streak free finis

The Car Dryer we use is a lightweight, handheld car dryer that is powerful enough to blow water off your vehicle, leaving it with a streak and scratch free finish after every wash! We use car dryer to dry your entire vehicle, or to simply blast water from cracks and crevices, behind emblems, in between body panels, and anywhere else water can hide. We only use car dryer of powerful horsepower motor that blows filtered air onto your vehicle, making it easier than ever to dry your car while avoiding water spots – even in direct sun!

You thought we would charge more for our high-grade kit using and superior service? No! With the Mr Wash Coupon, you could expect the most unparalleled prices on our high-standard service!

Love letters we received from our customers

“If I could give this car wash more than 5 stars I would. I have seen Mr Wash as my car valet! Honestly best location in the greater Houston area.”—-Bob

“Great car wash! The employees are quick and do a great job! I’m happy with my service every time I come. I have the Unlimited by simply using the Mr Wash Discount Code which is the best deal out there.”—-Janet S.

“Closest car wash and also best car wash near me! ”——Timothy

“Just got back from Mr Wash (find it after serching “detail car wash near me”) and had a great experience. The place was very busy but I was very impressed with how efficient everything was. There were plenty of helpful workers there to keep things running quickly and smoothly. The place seemed to be wonderfully managed and the workers were polite and diligent. My car looks great and I will definitely be back soon.”—-Maggie O.

“These folks work very hard and do a great job. It is great to have them in the neighborhood. I’ve been coming here for years and they are super friendly and fast.”—-Mark H.

“I have their monthly unlimited wash plan using Mr Wash Coupon and it really boggles my mind that people wouldn’t pay $20 for unlimited car washes AND free vacuums.” —-David

“I come to this car wash location 2 times a week for my work truck and about once a month for my personal car and everyone who works here is so kind and accommodating!

A few weeks ago, I had quite a bit of dirt/debris in the bed of my truck and the manager came out to personally sweep out the bed so it would be clean once I went through the wash. I have to say it is the most useful car wash coupons near me which gives out really great discounts on their services! I always have a positive interaction and they put customer service above all! This is the only location I have loved and will continue to come to on a weekly basis.”—-Tom L

“Must say that this place is great. It turn out to truly be what google says “full service car wash near me”! I stopped by this location because I had a Mr Wash Promo Code. The employees were very helpful, the machine got my rental sparkly clean, and even the carpet cleaners had a very strong suction. It was a nice and out service. I would definitely recommend Mr Wash. I have been to other car-washes and sometimes the machines to clean your carpet are not that strong and even the washers left my car with dirt spots. Thankfully not this location! Love this place and it’s also the nearest car wash to me!”—-Jack J

“Yes to the attentive service upon arrival, Yes to the easy drive thru, yes to Mr Wash Coupon and Heck Yes to the free unlimited vacuums! Like who really knows how long it will take you to vacuum all the dog hair off the seats, granola crumbs in between the seats and dust off your dashboard? No one! Best car wash for real!”—-Lee