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Welcome to the Future of Intimacy

We are here to spice up your “games” with her/him! Picture this: you’re stuck at home alone. We’re pretty sure one of us has been in this situation. Maybe all of you are in quarantine, or there’s been a snowstorm, and you can’t leave your house. Regardless of the reason, you’re home alone with nothing to do. Most of us would spend hours on Netflix or Instagram for entertainment, but let’s be honest, how long will that last? At some point, you will get sick and tired of staring at a screen and need other ways to stay entertained. So here we are, bringing with us the newly-updated Kiiroo Discount Code! Kiiroo is a fast growing tech company wedged between Amsterdam’s business and red light district, so it seems appropriate that we spend our days making toys. As leaders in the sex tech / teledildonics industry since 2013, we work at the intersection of technology and human interest. We innovate to keep people satisfied.

Moreover: we’re in the business of communication. To better serve you, we push and update numerous Kiiroo Promo Codes for you! We forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day.

Redefine your pleasure with Kiiroo Discount Codes

Long-distance relationships, self-Isolation or bachelor’s life have had most people climbing the walls. This increase in people alone time has also caused people’s anxiety index! Then loneliness and anxiety could eat you inside out somehow! That’s why masturbation could do you do to some extend! Giving your body a regular dose of pleasure not only gives you an orgasm but exposes your body and mind to several positive and healthy benefits.

Kirro has come to your aid with a bunch of Kiiroo Discount Codes! Kiiroo’s toys could is a “helping hand” (or whatever you think of it) in your alone time. Three modes tailored to different customers of different appeals:  Interactive Mode, Manual Mode and Automatic Mode. Whether you want a one-to-one connection (for long-distance relationship) or an interactive experience with your favorite webcam star or immersive erotic content, we have you covered.

One of the reasons that masturbation is so often called ‘self-care’ nowadays is that it allows you to truly sit back and let yourself to get the much-needed alone time you deserve.

It might be hard to find the time and energy to force yourself into some alone time, but it is certainly easier under the promise of a possible orgasm. On another note, masturbation can give your body the same benefits that you might get from meditation. Because it encourages you to take a time-out from your busy schedule.

When most people think about meditation, they think about a dimly lit room with cushions on the floor and perhaps some incense burning in the background. Although we use lighting or comfort to prompt and help meditation routines, it could be a different setting compared to when we masturbate. It does not mean that masturbation is any less relaxing, anxiety-reducing or mood-lifting. In a 2019 VICE article, journalist Kristen Dold spent time researching how meditation and masturbation provide similar benefits for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She teamed up with Lorin Roche, a meditation teacher, and researcher, who considered how mindfulness in masturbation was similar to the practice of meditation. She confirmed that the pleasurable rhythms that we focus on drawing masturbation can be likened to that of meditation rhythms. They also bring the same positive benefits for our body and mind.

Masturbation also means we focus closely on one area of our body as we stimulate and pleasure ourselves. According to sexperts and therapists, we draw our focus to our bodily sensations and the way our emotions intensify during our climax.

Our body becomes more and more relaxed as the session gains momentum, which flows in a similar pattern to meditation. During times of self-isolation and quarantine, treating our masturbation like sacred meditation may be the way forward.

Especially, for our physical and mental well-being. If you could never imagine yourself meditating during quarantine, perhaps masturbation is for you instead.

Although many people are unaware, the benefits of being alone in a dimly lit room as you bring yourself to orgasm do wonders for your brain. You will have an increase in endorphins – those very important happy hormones.

It’s also a great way to ‘switch’ your mind away from the complications and troubles of everyday life. Letting your fantasy take center stage instead of your daily chores and work-related tasks. This means you can give your brain time to reset and recoup.

Whilst many of us might be enjoying a break from our commutes and appreciating the free time we have, there are many who are struggling under the pressure of alone time or lack of interaction.

Many mental health specialists have raised the alarm of possible depression and anxiety.

There are benefits that you will get for your mind, body, and soul that even your long-distance partner may not be able to give you. It comes from an inner understanding of your rhythm, pressure points, breathing, and imagination.

One part of your body that will work harder than anywhere else when you masturbate alone is your brain. It keeps your mind occupied with sexual fantasies and images. They don’t say that your brain is your biggest sexual organ for no reason.

Why not put in some brain training as you think about your sexual fantasies and enjoy three things: mindfulness, self-care, and masturbation.

Discover how to get started with your new solo or Interactive experience with Kiiroo’s toys. All of our products are easy to set up and ready to go as soon as you open the box. Claim your exclusive Kiiroo Discount Code July 2020, and start the luxurious sexual enjoyment!

For her, for him and for couples

For couples: Feel your lover from anywhere in the world

Kiiroo promo codes are here to help spice up the “games” for long-distance couples! Kiiroo rises rapidly with its most refined, luxurious and iconic objects of desire for men and women. The hardcore quality, high-end designing, customer-friendly service and most competitive price guarantee us on the top of the industry.

Kiiroo was created to close the gap between long-distance relationships. Missing your lover hurts less when you can still feel every movement they make.

Wherever you are, with Kiiroo’s soft-touch coating for an extremely tight and comfortable grip, touch-sensitive trackpad used to control the speed of the stroke and partner devices, real-Feel material for maximum comfort. Reusable and replaceable, 10 contracting rings that move in an up-down motion simulating intercourse, you would experience the most realistic sexual experience ever!

For her: big things are hidden where you least expect it.

Whenever you are craving for a bit fun in the alone night in bed or when you are on the go yet craving a little bit of naughty time, Kiiroo’s new and improved functionalities in Kiiroo onyx let you take your pleasure whenever you want and wherever you go. Shop today and enjoy 15% + saving at checkout with Kiiroo Discount Code!


For him: Our tight fit toy is designed to give the most realistic anal & vaginal experience available. Get ready to challenge your shaft with every stroke. You will be aroused even after you climax.

The pleasure goes far beyond the average climax…Increase your strength and stamina with every stroke and vibration with the Power Sleeve.  An arousing experience that will let you reach your top performance.

KIIROO’s two new designs are combined with the Titan’s exclusive technology to exceed the expectations of your inner beast. And the great discounts brought by Kiiroo Coupon Code are to add more joy to you!

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be with your favorite porn stars? To feel their tender touch and sensations? Well now you can immerse yourself in the action and become one with your fantasies with Kiiroo!

Treat him/her and yourself better with the Kiiroo’s intimate service and get a discount with our Kiiroo promo codes now!

Future of Intimacy

Get ready to pleasure you beyond your wildest fantasies with Kiiroo Discount Code.

The FeelConnect app allows you to connect with your lover from anywhere in the world, and experience the future of interactivity. FeelTechnology is an innovative tech company that has developed a technology that enables Bluetooth™ devices to connect to one another through the internet. FeelTechnology houses a mobile application, a subtitling platform and automated backend technology. In a nutshell, FeelTechnology’s mobile application enables Bluetooth devices to connect to one another through the internet.

The setup is simple:

  1. Download and install FeelConnect App on your mobile devices
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth and your FeelConnect compatible devices (Kiiroo toys would connect with your mobile devices)
  3. Open the FeelConnect App to add the Kiiroo toys
  4. Enjoy your fun and joy hours with Kiiroo (and your long-distance partner)

Thank you for choosing Kiiroo! Enjoy yourself!