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Welcome to Italist! We’re passionate about Italy’s amazing luxury shopping and thought, why not make that accessible to the world? Headquartered in Los Angeles, Italist is a place you could feel like shopping on the streets of Milan, Rome, and Florence without ever leaving your home. Italist is an online retail platform that sells luxury products from over 1,000 Italian brands. Founded in 2014 by two Italian entrepreneurs living in the United States, Italist establishes a direct partnership with hundreds of high fashion boutiques and designers and distributes fashion products in over 85 countries around the globe. Our Italist Coupon Code July 2020 is to ensure that this luxury shopping is available at prices that won’t break your budget. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly and helpful customer service, our dedicated team, and the quality of our products. Through our innovative site, customers purchase brand-new, in-season, completely authentic items at the Italian retail price, which is typically lower than retail prices around the world.

Our Promise

Italist can offer today a final consumer price often 30% less than competitors forced to pay the complexity of international distribution with our Italist Coupon Code. Thanks to its business model, Italist can also offer a wider choice. Italist takes care of the whole process of scouting, buying, marketing, discounts, payments and delivery: this way, even Italian new designers and small boutiques can afford international e-commerce. Italist holds no inventory, leveraging partner’s stock. We strive for excellence every day, to bring you the world’s best designer and luxury fashion at amazing prices, guarantee your purchase’s authenticity and quality, and provide a platform for you to discover new brands and designer talent. Our Italist Promo Code would definitely blow your minds with it great discounts!

From customer care to social media, this is our promise

Our Vision

Italist entrepreneurial vision focused on one peculiar aspect of the Italian market: the lack of central international distributors allowed to establish direct partnerships with emerging and established designers, boutiques and brands, leaving room for significant savings.

Our vision is simple: combine cutting-edge technology, efficient logistics, and the best luxury brands in the world to offer the Italian retail price (with our Italist Coupon Code) to global shoppers. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on execution, while still being creative in our approach and fostering great ideas among our team.

“We love combining tech and luxury fashion, which are two worlds that have traditionally been at odds. But with each innovation and instance of cross-pollination, they’re growing closer together, becoming more synonymous and complementary.”

Quality and Brand

Quality has always been our priority at Italist! That’s why we only work with big names or brands with good reputations! Here customers can find luxury goods from famous brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Ferragamo, Valentino, Prada, but they can also explore and discover shoes, clothes and accessories from new Italian stylists and designers. Current catalog offers more than 200,000 items of more than 1,000 brands. We’ve chosen the best independent luxury fashion boutiques in Italy to be a part of the italist platform. Both the italist team and the buyers at our partner boutiques curate the items that appear online, which are simultaneously available in retail locations across Italy. Now, thanks to the success of our unique model, global customers from the United States to Japan have access to the best pricing in the market on over 1,000 international luxury brands, from “It” handbags to designer children’s clothing.

Our services

With the signature easy-to-use website interface, professional customer service team and the full-round service including Satisfaction Guarantee and our comprehensive Return & Refund policy (please note the restrictions), Italist has earned the heart of millions and built a large customer base! When you purchase an item on Italist, you’re getting a great value on the latest luxury fashion, directly from Italy. We process your payment through our secure billing service, manage the import and export process, and facilitate express global delivery right to your doorstep. We’re proud of this setup because we’re providing global access to some of the best retail buyers in the world. Their curation and product selections mean you’re always looking at something that was carefully chosen, from the most respected luxury brands to the hottest up and coming designers from every corner of the world. Our diligent working staff has picked a bunch of Italist Promo Codes for our dearest customers, so that you could enjoy the best offers while shopping with us! We partner with Italy’s best luxury retailers and work together with them to provide you 100% authentic pieces, certified twice — by both them and us. We offer free express international shipping on every order to ensure your pieces arrive quickly and safely. You could learn more about our shipping process and returns policy by checking out ou website. Your purchases are protected by encrypted security systems that keep your personal data and payment information safe and secure. Questions, concerns, issues? Get the 24/7 customer support now and visit our FAQ or contact us: We’re always here for you!

(Because we’re importing luxury goods directly from Italy, any returns must be processed through Italian customs. This process requires additional shipping costs and customs duties, which is why we don’t offer free returns at this time. Please read our Returns Policy for more details.)

How to shop


Los Angeles based, italist Inc. offers the largest selection of luxury goods from Italy’s finest fashion retailers. Our site features brand-new, genuine, in-season apparel and accessories from top international brands and emerging designers and a lot of frequently-updated Italist Coupon Code! We source our products from a curated list of Italian luxury boutiques and retailers, giving you insider access to more than 1,000 brands and 200,000 products. italist allows customers to import items directly from our partners in Italy, which means we offer the same high-quality luxury goods you’d find elsewhere at what we believe are the best prices, often up to 30% – 40% less than the manufacturer suggested retail price depending on the region after including, taxes, and duties.


Different countries use different standards for size measurements, so please refer to our international size conversion chart. Still unsure about your size? We recommend visiting a nearby boutique or luxury retailer to get a sense of your size and fit before purchasing an item. Once you know your size, we’re certain you’ll find the best value and the best selection on Italist.


Payment is fast and secure, and our trusted billing provider handles all payment transactions. Just do not forget to check out our Italist Discount Code section and claim your exclusive Italist Coupon Code before you jump to your payment. We have prepared some big surprises for you!

We accept the following international credit cards*:


Visa Electron


JCB (United States and Canada only)

*Please note that your card may be declined due to potential security blocks on foreign transactions. To avoid this issue, please alert your card issuer or financial institution about your purchase(s) before you submit payment. In the event your card is declined, Italist will not be responsible for a failed purchase transaction and any fees associated with it.

Italist’s superior service and an impressive assortment of goods have led to our rapid growth. Check it out yourself today and enjoy the special offers with Italist Discount Code! Our unique approach to luxury shopping equates to significant savings for you, but we recommend that you always check out our Italist Coupon Code section before you make a purchase and jump to the payment! A great discount is awaiting you!

Thank you for choosing Italist!