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Welcome to Inter-State Studio! We have focused on providing quality photographs and services, as well as outstanding customer service at the most competitive price with Inter State Coupon since we were founded in 1933. When Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. was founded, the concept was simple; take great photos of students for their school and parents. Today, we are North America’s largest family-owned school photography, planner, and yearbook publishing company. With offices located in 30 states, we are headquartered in Sedalia, Missouri, and have been proud to call it our home for over 80 years. Guy Snyder founded Inter-State Studio & Publishing, Co. in 1933 and ran the business from his home in Sedalia, Missouri after learning the ins and outs of the business while employed by Julius Stern’s Hollywood Studio in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Guy approached local country schools to photograph children individually rather than as one large group, which was a new idea at the time. Because of the Great Depression, people were wary of traveling salesmen and paying for a product before it was in their hands. Because of this, Guy took the risk of providing the developed pictures to families, having them keep what they wanted and send back what they didn’t want, along with payment. This understanding of his customers created the foundation of Inter-State Studio and represents how the company runs to this day. Today, Inter-State Studio sticks to the principles of customer first  and remains true to founder’s pledge by pushing a bunch of Inter State Coupon to offer only the most superior service and works of highest levels of quality at a price unparalleled in the industry.


Our History


Inter-State Studio & Publishing, Co. was founded in 1933 by Guy Snyder in Sedalia, Missouri. Since then, we have grown into the nation’s largest family-owned school portrait company. We pioneered yearbook creation and publishing in the 1960s and continue to do so today. For more than 80 years, the Snyder family has led our company through innovation and a desire to succeed at the highest levels.

For decades, we’ve built our success on the basics: high-quality works and excellent services. This foundation along with value-based pricing system and the promotion campaign such as the frequently updated Inter State Coupon is the reason why Inter-State Studio earned the solid reputation and a large customer base today!

Year Book


Creating school yearbooks can be a fun and rewarding experience. We are here to help support both new and veteran Yearbook Advisors with the tools and year-round service (which are at an awesome price after using Inter State Coupon) you need to build a memorable keepsake for each school year.

Page Design Programs

Inter-State Studio is unlike any other yearbook company when it comes to design program options. We offer several software options that allow you the freedom to decide which program meets your skill level and needs when it comes to designing your yearbook. Claim your exclusive Inter State Coupon and find out which yearbook design program is best for you!

Yearbook Covers

Choose an eye-catching cover that will set your yearbook apart from the rest. It’s easy! Either select one of our popular Standard Cover options from our gallery or design your own custom cover. Keep in mind that some Standard Covers have some free customization options like selecting your school colors or uploading your own images.

Customize Your Yearbook

Browse through our popular yearbook options like lamination, binding, supplements, student personalization and more. A beautiful yearbook is all about the details and we have everything you need to make your yearbook stand out.

Themes & Design

Find all your yearbook inspiration here. If you are having a hard time visualizing your yearbook, let us help by showing you how to use a theme and create fun templates for your pages. We even provide a list of theme ideas to get your creativity flowing.


If you find yourself in need of a helpful hand as you decide on a yearbook publisher or need assistance as you design your yearbook, we are here for you! A representative will be able to answer any question you have, but we also will provide you with the tools you might need for each step of the yearbook process and also the latest offers with Inter State Coupon. Find your support material on our main website now.


School Planners


Student Planners include pre-printed dates for long-term assignments, writing space for individual class schedules and assignments, monthly character education traits, space for students to share an example of their own character each month, weekly character quotes, resource pages, bilingual dates, month-at-a-glance calendars, weekly study reminder area by subject, a reading log on every page, and hall passes on each page with extras in the back.

Resource Pages

We include helpful resource pages in each and every student planner. View the pages for each grade level as well as online resources to we make available to your students.


Select from our professionally designed standard planner cover options or create a cover of your own.


Make your student planner unique to your school by adding handbook pages, drug free/anti-bullying messages, rulers and much more. Do not forget to use the Inter State Coupon to enjoy the best offers of today!


School Photography


Our portraits have provided a fun and exciting family and school tradition for over 80 years!


Fall Portraits are traditional school pictures that provide you with a timeline of your child from Kindergarten all the way through their Senior year. These photos are used in yearbooks, ID badges and other service items.  Personalize your portraits by selecting from a wide variety of backgrounds and options like student’s name & school year.


While fall offers the traditional school picture appeal, Spring portraits offer a more fun and laid back approach. Students get the opportunity to show their individuality and create a look that is truly their own.

Custom Styles

Our School Pride program offers a new tradition to your school community with CUSTOM STYLES showcasing the iconic places in your school or in your local community! Let’s face it, you are proud of your school and the surrounding community – why not show it off? Grab your own = and enjoy our great discounts on these awesome school planners!

School Branding

Proudly display your school’s crest or logo at the entry for all to see! Customize posters throughout your school with your school colors, unique message & meaningful image to encourage learning & positive character traits.  Acknowledge competition achievements for your music program, athletic teams or academic clubs.  Inter-State will help bring your vision to life!

Class Portraits

Classroom Group and Class Composite portraits offer a wide variety of graphic backgrounds, colors, and textures. Customize your class portraits with your school colors, emblems, or mascot.


Something For Everyone


No matter if your athlete is involved with league sports or your school’s athletic program, we are certain to create products for every athlete – the serious participant or those just out to have fun!

Green Screen Sports

In order to provide the most exciting sports photos of your athlete, we continue to utilize the most current technology:10’x16′ Green Screen sports backdrop, Mono-block lighting and Camdex for accurate subject and package data collection.

Extreme Sports Plus

We will capture your team where they feel most comfortable – where they play. We have flexibility to deal with changes, rain-outs, or whatever the situation may be.

Events Photography

We photograph Dances, Proms, Graduations, First Communions, Confirmations, or any special event. Bright, bold and personalized portraits are perfect for your school’s event photography.

Photo Booth

Decorate your event with the Photo Booth in mind. Its portability allows you to set up the Photo Booth in front of your own backdrop, so you can be sure your event’s theme shows through the photos!


Those beautiful moments of your life, the milestones of your achievement, the smiles of those school years are the treasures you want to preserve for you lifetime! Inter-State Studio help you keep records of them professionally and considerately! Claim your exclusive Inter State Discount and get in touch today!